Viral Post Expresses How Civil Society Feels about the “Election”

Recently a viral Twitter post let people know how they feel about the Trump election. So, after an “election” in which it was likely that Russia, the FBI, and Wikileaks intervened to defeat the Democratic Candidate and voter disenfranchisement kept thousands from voting to elect Trump, I’m being called on to…

  • …to be tolerant toward hate-filled, vicious Trump supporters
  • …to move forward and ignore the fraudulent results of the election–and the fraud of a president
  • …to denounce protesters exercising their First Amendment rights
  • …to stop whining and “get over it”
  • …to accept this sham presidency
  • …to respect Trump and his supporters’ “opinions” even when those opinions are inherently racist, nationalistic, white supremacist, and violent.

I will not.  I will, instead…

  • do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be
  • work to limit the damage that this “man” can do to my country
  • call out the hypocrisy, the hate, the vilification of Americans whose only crime was to have more melanin in their skin than caucasians
  • watch his every move and call out the poisonous, seditious behaviors that he has already begun to exhibit – from ignoring conflicts of personal interest to hiring alt right leaders to inspiring (and then largely ignoring) neo-nazi and hate group activities
  • call out the lies and back-pedaling that will inevitably be his stock in trade and let his supporters know about it.

Do not take my call for my tolerance, because…

  • I have tolerated all I can from the worst presidential candidate in modern history, and the only candidate who has been supported by the very people and ideals we fought and paid so dearly for in WWII
  • I will assign blame to both Trump and the GOP for all the mishaps in this country going forward, for they are officially in charge of two branches of government (soon to be three)
  • I will support the groups who are now, or will be, under attack from a virulently hateful and regressive Trump administration.

Unlike the regressives, however, I will use facts, data, logic, and critical reasoning to make my points. I will not generate false websites and fake news to convince people of Trump’s malice–the facts alone will offer plenty of fodder for that purpose.

See you on the battlefield of facts and ideas.

Lucid Nation
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Mare Gouger, the founder of Lucid Nation, has a Master's Degree from GWU, has worked on Capitol Hill for a decade, and has closely followed politics since 1982.

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