This Election: View from a Veteran (and Former Republican)

How a veteran and ex-republican learned to change his stripes

How a Former Republican Figured out the Big Lie. I am a former Republican and a USAF military veteran. My voting record, since I could first vote, is as follows:

  • George Bush, Sr (’88 & ’92),
  • Bob Dole (’96)
  • George Bush, Jr (’00 & ’04)
  • Barack Obama (’08 & ’12).

The only way I know how to voice my displeasure at what the GOP has been doing since election night 2008, is to VOTE BLUE in every election going forward until my dying breath. Deep breath–here’s why:

How a Veteran Learned the Truth about the GOP

Over the past six years, my eyes have been opened to the obstructionist, RACIST, president-disrespecting, big business-over-people-supporting, 1%-pandering, corporate welfare-giving, social security-cutting, climate change-denying, war-mongering, foreign policy-sabotaging (seditious letter writing), military veteran-ignoring, national infrastructure non-funding, xenophobia-inciting, Planned Parenthood-defunding, immigrant-vilifying, ARROGANT GOP.

Broken Tea Party Tea Pot

Caption: copyright © Mario Piperni

I got sick of the environmental catastrophe-inviting (link instead of parens: think Keystone XL pipeline), union-busting, plutocrat-supporting, refugee-bashing, presidential patriotism-questioning, NRA-ingratiating, income inequality-encouraging, human rights-preventing, ELITIST regressive right.

I realized that I no supported their warring on women, HYPOCRITICAL, Jesus-revising, sensible gun law-blocking, middle class-destroying, sacred land-selling, public land-drilling, PRIVATIZING policies and bought and paid for political leadership. I could no longer put up with the student loan lower interest rate-rejecting, Medicaid expansion-refusing, Equal Rights-dismissing, minimum wage hike-fighting, GREED-driven, equal pay-denying, path to citizenship-opposing, SCOTUS ruling-ignoring, gerrymandering, HATE-filled, voter-disenfranchising, environmental deregulating, “Citizens United” supporting (link instead of parens: think GOP-controlled SCOTUS), Koch-owned, WHINING-because-you-didn’t-get-your-way, HYPOCRISY.

No longer could I accept the poor-and-less-fortunate-bashing, birther and fake BENGHAZI scandal-creating (link instead of parens), presidential daughter-attacking, 60-plus Obamacare-repeal-attempting, LYING lunacy.

I was sick and tired of the executive appointment-blocking, peace deal-threatening, jobs bill-ignoring, FAUX News-supporting, taxpayer-funded presidential suing, policy-propagandizing, government-closing, do-nothing, worst rated Congress-leading party that has wreaked havoc since Obama took office. And all of it? All of has been cloaked (by the GOP as well as the PR xerox machine known as the mainstream media) as the one true “religious,” “patriotic,” and “conservative” party whose sole purpose has been to contravene the will of the American voter in two presidential elections. And all of it? All of it happened long before the racist, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamaphobic, and otherwise hateful Donald J. Trump ever jumped into the 2016 race! Phew. Now then…

While I don’t agree with, nor support, all of Obama’s policies, beliefs or actions, I give him credit for trying to do something to help everyday Americans struggling with everyday life issues which is more than I can say of the GOP party and leadership who made it their pledge upon Obama’s first election to stop him from doing virtually anything during his presidency. Remember, it the GOP leadership who, instead of encouraging a bipartisan effort with President, stated:

“The single most important thing we [the GOP] want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” ~ Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

“If [Obama] was for it…we had to be against it.” ~ Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH)

Worst–Government Employees–Ever.

While the GOP failed to keep Obama limited to one term, the GOP has more than kept to their second promise. They have done absolutely NOTHING to help the struggling American economy or its struggling people, yet we pay them millions in salary and benefits for their inadequacy and lack of work product! The rest of us would have been fired long ago if we produced absolutely zero for those who pay our salaries! It is just remarkable what this president has accomplished, what with the obsessive obstacles purposefully thrown in his path. Imagine what could have been accomplished if those elected, on the Right, actually worked with this president! (Oh, and btw, they were rated the worst Congress by Gallup.)

It’s past time to change the game plan and start benching the Republican party. Progress depends upon this. I am so done with these haters!

Don’t just agree with me – Please VOTE every single time and encourage like-minded family and friends to do the same. NOTHING changes if we remain apathetic to voting!


NOTE: Many on the Right, after seeing this essay have accused me of lying about my veteran status, or of ever having been a Republican in the first place. I welcome the challenge as to the first accusation. Please report me for “stolen valor.” I am who I say I am. As for the second allegation, well, blind allegiances are just not my thing which is why, I believe, I was born with eyes, ears, and a brain. For those who quickly dismiss this essay with “TL;DR” (too long, didn’t read), maybe you should take some time to read this as it affects YOU also.


Thanks for reading.

Mike Page

SrA (E3 – USAF – 1990-1995, Ret.)

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  1. Here are some suggestions.
    1. Implement Rank Choice Voting (RCV) in all elections. (
    2. Get rid of Congressional Districts. There is no Constitutional requirement for Congressional Districts. It removes any gerrymandering possibility.
    3. At the Presidential level anyone that is on the ballot in enough states to get to 270 electoral votes needs to be in the Presidential debates.

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