Reflections on the Election: It’ll be Harder to Overturn Progress than Regressives Think

Hang onto your hats: It'll be a Roller Coaster--but it might not be as easy as regressives think

I’ve got my pulse back to semi-normal, and have realized it will be harder for Trump dismantle the gains we’ve made than he promised. He lost the popular mandate, despite what the evangelicals and KKK think. ACA for example–without a viable alternative, Repubs in Congress will be loathe to deny insurance to millions of constituents. If they do, they will be gone in the midterms. Most likely they’ll make adjustments, such as not making it mandatory.

The new right-wing SCOTUS will reap the whirlwind if they overturn Roe v Wade, and that’s why they didn’t when Scalia was alive. Suits will be brought, and if possible, they might just make abortion more difficult, by allowing states to have more latitude to decide. Likewise Planned Parenthood; they probably won’t defund it because too many women (1 in 5, actually) rely on it for a broad range of healthcare services, including preventive cancer screenings. They’ll just starve it a little more. OR they could go nuts and try to slash and burn these popular programs…and face a public ready to flip both houses of Congress asap. Which will then overrule those draconian decisions.

The good news is that there are signs that the left is coming together to fight the good fight against regressive oppression. After all, the democratic candidate did win the popular vote.

Still, make no mistake, we are in for an economic and environmental roller coaster ride that could make the sacking of Rome look like an outpouring of charity. But the 1% already have all the money, so instead of beans and bread for dinner, we’ll have to make do with bread. Brace yourselves, there will be no impeachment, and it’s going to be a long, rough four years.

Emmy Nominated Screenwriter Arthur Sellers

Caption: Emmy Nominated Screenwriter Arthur Sellers

Arthur Sellers is a former Television Series Writer at Pinewood Film Studios and a former Film Writer at 20th Century Fox. Check out his work history here.

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